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The JokerZino Marketing team was founded during the winter of 2021 with ambition to be one of the top contenders within the online gambling market in the U.S.

To become a Joker​

A common expression about the United States is that it is "the land of opportunity". It really is something we can agree on. JokerZino Marketing chose to change the focus of previous markets and only concentrate all its power, time and commitment to the promised land.

Work hard play hard​

Working hard to reach new heights is something that is important to us. We strongly believe in being able to have the opportunity to rise, both in career and personal development. And at the same time, we have fun along the way, and do fun things together.​

Strive for greatness​

Like many other startups, it all started with one idea. An idea to be able to become one of the biggest in this segment. And to be able to make this possible, we all need to understand and move slowly but surely towards our common goal, togheter and without friction.​

A little bit crazy​

We "Jokerz" is doing something extraordinary, you have to be a little crazy, not to go crazy. All the big names in the history have at one time or another been called crazy. This is exactly what we strive for and thus look for other crazy people who can think outside the box and therefore contribute with new dimensions for the cause.​

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    Now, who are the "Jokerz"?

    Below we present the "Jokerz", who today works with our brands such as and

    Elliott has a background as a developer in mainly Java. Today, he can in an innovative way combine programming with SEO to add a greater value.
    - Elliott
    Anton has his roots in digital analytics. With this skill combined with his hours behind on-page SEO, he can contribute with a greater value to each user.
    - Anton
    Elias has many hours in front of the computer where he is self-taught in several techniques. His main skill is everything within the area of SEO.
    - Elias